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Actualidade, livros, árvores, amores, ficções, memórias, maluquices, provocações, desatinos, brinca

domingo, abril 16, 2017

Enquanto Trump brinca às guerras no exterior, na Casa Branca parece que avança a guerra civil

O que assusta nem é a ideologia, que se desconhece, nem as orientações políticas, que mudam de hora a hora, nem a consistência política, que não existe.

O que assusta é pensar como foi possível um tal anormal chegar a presidente dos Estados Unidos, o que assusta é ver a tropa fandanga de que se rodeou na Casa Branca, o que assusta é a ignorância, a estupidez, a falta de vergonha, de tino, de decência, o que assusta é constatarmos como nem sabem o que isso é, o que assusta é vermos como, apesar dos travões que ainda existem, haver tanto poder de destruição nas mãos de gente desta.

E o que assusta, talvez ainda mais, é sabermos que a popularidade de Trump aumentou desde que deu em besta bélica, decidindo manobras de guerra entre garfadas de bolo de chocolate, trocando o nome dos países que ataca, mostrando que tudo fará para se manter em alta agora que descobriu, na primeira pessoa, o filão da popularidade.


Vejo agora que a tropa fandanga já não se entende.

A quem tenha tempo, aqui fica o link para o artigo da Vanity Fair da autoria de Sarah Ellison


West Wing sources come clean about the backstabbing, the bullying, the distrust, and the buzzing flies.


From left: Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Reince Priebus, Gary Cohn, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, the president, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Sean Spicer.


Curiosa também a descrição do espaço em que a cambada circula:
The West Wing of the White House is a cramped collection of tiny offices, some of them windowless, linked by narrow hallways. New inhabitants are sometimes surprised at just how small the physical quarters are. The current configuration results from a Depression-era renovation designed to increase the workspace of the president’s staff without expanding the physical footprint of the building. Parts of the West Wing can feel grungy and old, and look as if they have been repainted far too often. Many of the offices contain mousetraps to fight the inevitable infestation. Because the windows don’t open, for security reasons, large flies buzz near the ceilings. The relentless pressures and close quarters mean that someone in the West Wing always seems to be sick.

If walls could talk, the saying goes—but given the leaks from Donald Trump’s White House, they hardly need to.


Para quem não tenha paciência para ler o artigo na íntegra, aqui deixo o final que é elucidativo
Gauged against a different yardstick, though, the state of affairs in the West Wing is something we have never witnessed before. In every White House, there are competing loyalties and rivalries. That dynamic is normal. What is unusual about this presidency is that Trump himself is not a stable center of gravity and may be incapable of becoming one. He knows little, believes in little, and shows signs of regretting what has happened to him. Governing requires saying no to one’s strongest supporters and yes to one’s fiercest opponents. To have that presence of mind requires a clear and unified vision from the president. “Without an ideology or a worldview, all you have is a scramble for self-preservation and self-aggrandizement,” a former West Wing aide told me.
And it is a scramble without boundaries. What has been seen in the West Wing is now playing out in every Cabinet department and government agency: the competing agendas of a jockeying staff are being transplanted to the upper reaches throughout the executive branch as now Bannon, now Kushner, now Priebus, now Pence push their acolytes and protégés into hundreds of senior positions. The White House mess may soon be everywhere.


Até já.

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